Four Mistakes you’re taking with Your Water Damage Restoration

Posted on 13 July 2018 (0)

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to attempt do-it-yourself projects even when they lack the professional expertise to handle them. Perhaps you’re one of those people who love watching instructional tutorials on how to fix things so you can save time and money. While these tutorials can be useful for a wide range of things at home, there are certain projects that require knowledge, experience, and professional expertise to handle. Water damage restoration is one of those things you don’t want to handle on your own.

No home is immune from water damage. Let’s just say it’s a matter of time if you haven’t experienced water damage in your home yet. Now, when faced with water damage, it’s important to begin the restoration process immediately. Here’s what you should avoid when dealing with water damage in your home.

Neglecting or forgetting to turn off the Water Source

The first thing you’re likely to do when the water spills all over the place is to panic. That’s normal. However, it’s important that you quickly contain the situation by turning off the water main. That’s how you protect your property and your family first. You might want to switch off the electrical main as well. Turning off these two things will ensure water doesn’t continue flowing and flooding in your home and prevent electrical shock to anyone around.

Failure to Contact your Insurance Company Right away

This only applies to homeowners who have coverage for floods caused either by flash floods, heavy rain, or plumbing problems in the home. Immediately you realize you have a water damage problem in your home, and you’ve turned off the water source, contact your homeowners’ insurance company so you can have your claim processed sooner for the necessary repairs.

Underestimating a Dangerous Situation

Understand that there are different types of water damage. There’s water damage that won’t pose a substantial threat to your family’s health while there’s that which contains physical or chemical contaminants and can result in health problems. The most dangerous water damage usually involves sewage waste, seawater or rising floodwater. Identifying these three categories of water damage in a real-life situation can be difficult which is why you need to contact a professional water restoration company for help. Never underestimate any type of water damage in your home.

Forgetting to Document the Damage

As soon as you contact your insurance company, go ahead and take pictures of the water damage from different angles. The pictures will serve as evidence of damage. Who knows when they will request for evidence? Remember you might have begun or even finished the cleanup process by the time your insurance adjuster visits your home to assess the situation. It’s, therefore, important that you document the extent of damage.

Failure to Hire a Professional Water Restoration Company

While common household items like vacuums and mops can be useful when it comes to cleaning up a small amount of standing water, cleaning up a completely flooded home requires high-powered de-humidifiers and equipment. That’s where professionals come in. No matter the extent of damage, always consider contacting a water damage restoration company for help. With their professional expertise, experience, and proper equipment, you can rest assured your home will be restored and will be free of mold and mildew growth.